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The Deity clothing line is meant to bring together style and edginess with an affordable retail value. The overall goal was to use thrift store clothing as well as cheap, generic clothing to create clothes with a unique style that could compete aesthetically with big corporations (i.e. Urban Outfitters) yet be sold at very reasonable prices.

            The goal of the images used in the Deity clothing line was ultimately to bring a sense of mystery and wonder to the viewer. Over the course of the past few months, the portfolio of images has moved from an extremely abstract/internal point of view towards a more straight-forward/external point of view. The first few images created for the line, came from a deeply personal exploration of the meaning of the word deity. From this idea, my drawings took on a mysterious and ambiguous quality. All photographic reference for the first illustrations was taken by me and depicted candid scenes of my close friends. In the translation from photo to illustration, I distorted the images to take on a deeper meaning. I slowly began building a cast of characters that, in turn, became deities to me. In the beginning, the word deity seemed to imply mystery, power, energy, and the unexplained. I wanted the characters to somehow reflect this other-worldly power. As I began developing more ideas and illustrations, however, I discovered that to properly illustrate the meaning of the word deity, the images must become more obvious.

            As time progressed, I tried to take some of the ideas present in existing drawings and expand on them. In the next series, I focused more on the ideas of inherent energy and power. I began depicting characters within a natural environment (i.e. 'through the woods' design). The environments shown were distorted in such a way that it would show the affects of the character's presence. Also, I focused on figures' hands more in this series. The hands were shown either as a barer of symbols or as an escape of some great internal power. This series still contained the original notions that I had about the meaning of the word deity, yet my illustrations still had too much of a personal connotation.

            In the last series, in order to be clear about the meaning of 'deity', I chose to use strong symbols rather than abstract imagery. This series depicts symbols which may not be understood by the viewer but can be accepted as an accurate companion to the word deity. This can be seen the most obvious in the 'Angel' design. This illustration depicts an angel holding both hands up in a manner reflecting that of ancient idols. One hand is making a sign while the other presents a symbol written on the palm. One does not need to know exactly what both hands may symbolize to understand the connection between the illustration and the name of the clothing line. In that way, I have been able to keep a deeper personal meaning while not sacrificing a more obvious, easier to read answer to the imagery.

            The Deity Clothing Line can be seen not as one solid definition of a deity, but rather as one person's exploration of the ideas inherent in that word. Everyone has their own idea of what they would like to see when they hear the word deity; some picture angels, some an old man all in white who watches over us from the sky, some see specific symbols, and some think of certain animals. Whatever one chooses to picture as an image of a deity, one must realize that it will be personal to their own thoughts. The Deity Line is simply several versions of what I think a deity is.